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Contact:Kim Frank

Meeting Minutes:

March 11, 2015  CART meeting

Attendance- Darlene Resh, Vicki Klinedinst, Jason Howe, Ralph Conner, Bicky Redman, Kelly Koch, Kim Frank

 Meeting started at 7:10pm

Kim brought up what was discussed at the board meeting and that it was sent out via email.  

Paging the team using Active 911 or Alert (Everbridge)- Active 911 is $10 for 12 months each person and Alert is free. Both can be used about the same. It was decided to try Alert and see how well it works for us.

Meetings will be held the 1st hour and trainings will be on the 2nd hour of a 2 hr night. Need to train on the Glide (horse and dog), Becker Sling, and getting both trailers into shape.

Meetings, trainings, calls, and events should not be the same 3-6 people all the time. We have a team of 17 and a few of those people don’t show up for anything.

Kim advised all fire departments have or need to pick up the animal O2 masks. Invisible fencing gave all 21 departments free masks. If more are needed all we have to do is call them and they will send them free of charge- try to put presentation into the newspaper again.

Bicky asked if the horse rescue presentation Darlene and Kim did for SCTF AG committee be sent to all team with the report. It was suggested to critique it at a meeting.

Kim- needs to talk to Fire Chiefs again. When they have an animal rescue at a house fire, they need to remember to call for CART so their personnel are freed up.

Training- Ludlum training for TMI drill and future use and animal decon training, training with other CART teams not just during a regional event.

Ralph suggested to do a demo of some sort at fairs and events.

Kim- per PASART our funds that they have can be used towards getting shirts and jackets. She will look at pricing and get back to everyone.

Kim showed those at the meeting the Becker sling and what we have stored in the Haz Mat room.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm


Recorded by Kim Frank

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