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CART Plan Review Checklist
County CART Plan Review Checklist
Assure Official Support

1.Has the County EMA lent their support and have other partner agencies been identified and the respective responsibilities clearly defined along with the resources of these agencies.

2.Have the appropriate legal issues have been addressed – public safety, liability insurance, trespassing, exotic animal permits, etc. Does the County’s liability policy cover the CART?

Planning Team

1. Identify and meet with mandated and other sustainable resources as planning partners.

2.Has a chain of command for disaster management/authority been identified?

3.Have provisions been made for communication during disaster.

4.Does plan address all potential disasters with priority given to planning for most likely disasters

5.Have provisions been made for the public information representatives.


1.Are the needs of both urban and rural areas addressed?

2.Are all at risk animal’s identified – small, farm, wild, exotic, etc.

Plan Actions

1.Have evacuation guidelines been developed.

2.Does the plan provide for the return, placement, or destruction of the animals?

3.Does the plan provide for disposal of dead animals?

4.Is there a resource list included?


1.Have provisions for a hotline/phone bank been made – volunteers, lost animal reports, donations, etc.

2.Has a meeting site been designated for responders and how have the responders been notified of the site.

3.Have animals belonging to people with special needs been addressed.

4.Has a supplier of animal food been identified and provisions made for its delivery.

5.Have shelter sites been identified and suppliers of shelter supplies identified.

6.Has veterinary care for the animals been arranged?

7.Have search and rescue guidelines been developed.

8.Have provisions been made for an identification system to use for the animals.

9.Does the plan provide for reviews and testing of the plan?

10.Does every animal facility have a disaster plan on file with the county? Does the county have mechanisms to ensure that each facility creates and files a plan?

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