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Donation Policy

As a non-profit organization the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (PASART) is, in part, dependent upon donations from both the general public and corporate sponsors to fund its’ initiatives. Accordingly, it is appropriate to establish a policy that governs the receipt and use of donations that may be either monetary or non monetary in nature.

As such, it shall be the policy of PASART to accept cash, equipment, supplies, and services as donations from either the general public or corporate entities. Any donations received will be utilized solely for the furtherance of the mission of PASART.

Types of Donations


Monetary donations may be received from individuals and/or corporations in a specific county. In order to foster additional donations, and allow for a local impact to be demonstrated, any such donations will be sent to the PASART office for deposit in the PASART bank account. The county will be credited with the amount donated and may then draw down on those funds for use in supporting the county CART.
Monetary donations not earmarked for use in a specific county will be utilized at the discretion of the Board of Directors, with advice from the Executive Director.

Non Monetary

Non monetary donations include equipment, supplies and personal services. Donated equipment and supplies will be retained at the County CART for use during an activation or training sessions and in the general management of the CART.

Personal services will be utilized at the county level unless a specific need exists for same at the State level.

This policy will be reviewed, amended and approved on an annual basis or more frequently as federal and state law dictate.

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