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Tioga County Animal Response Team

99 William Farrell Drive

Wellsboro, PA 16901

570-724-9110 or

Next meeting date – Friday, April 10th at 4:00PM here  Location: Cohick Building (99 William Farrell Drive, Wellsboro, PA 16901)


- Attendees

o Amber Wetzel

o Benton Best

o Denise Drabick

o Emily Blade

o Karen Starkweather

o Kathie Null

o Kathy Helgemo

o Lisa Rice

- Financial Report – Balance unchanged at $850

- Potential CART Responses

o 01/25/17 the Kreger farm had animals who had fallen through the ice. Neighbors stopped to assist homeowners and all of the animals were extricated, however this would have been a good opportunity for the CART to assist.

o Danville Pig Farm Fire – Karen Starkweather provided amateur footage of a farm with multiple structure fires as a talking point for "what could we do to help if this happened in Tioga County?"

- Outreach

o Discussion about need to "get the word out" about CART to:

? Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

? Fire Departments

? Law Enforcement

? Veterinarians and sanctuaries

o Business Cards – It was recommended that the group have generic business cards made so that they can be handed out to animal owners/the public

? The Department of Emergency Services will have them made, we will need to discuss the design

o Tractor Supply Event – May 13th

? Opportunity for CART to have a booth there

- Membership/Recruitment

o Additional discussion about recruiting from 4-H clubs

- Nominations for Officers – The following nominations were made

o CART Coordinator

? Emily Blade nominated Sue Judlin

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o Training and Equipment Manager

? Benton Best nominated Emily Blade

o Secretary

? Lisa Rice nominated Karen Reside

o Treasurer

? Lisa Rice nominated Amber Wetzel

- Resource Manual

o Discussion about how to best break down the survey

? Transportation Survey (i.e., cattle haulers, etc.)

? Housing Survey (i.e., clinics, horse stalls, etc.)

o Can break the survey down into the same categories which represent the CART groups

? Equine/Livestock

? Domestic Animals

o Should have a checklist of needed equipment so that survey respondents can just check off what they do have to offer

- Next meeting date – Friday, March 10th at 10:00am here at the Cohick Building (99 William Farrell Drive, Wellsboro, PA 16901)

? April 10th (Monday) at 4:00pm

? May 12th (Friday) at 10:00am

? June 12th (Monday) at 4:00pm

? July 14th (Friday) at 10:00am

? August 14th (Monday) at 4:00pm

? September 8th (Friday) at 10:00am

? October 9th (Monday) at 4:00pm

? November 10th (Friday) at 10:00am

? December 11th (Monday) at 4:00pm


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