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July 2011 Meeting
Philadelphia County Animal Response Team July Meeting Minutes\r\n


Michele Kociolek-Burkitt
Carol Rowehl
Lysander Leighton
Michelle Helms
Rich D
Mark D
Jen Leary

Items Discussed:

-Michelle Helms showed pictures and talked about her deployment to Joplin.
-T-shirts had not arrived in time to be given out at the meeting. They will be given out at
 the American Humane training in August.
-ID's were given out, please contact Mark or Rich if you still need one.
-More SART gear was given out. If you have not received yours please let Jen know.
-The website is still being designed and Mark will send Jen a preview next week.
-PLEASE email Carol copies of training certs with dates for any training courses you've
 taken related to animals, emergency response, ect.
-Training updates, if you haven't registered for the second American Humane Sheltering
 course Aug 20-21, PLEASE do so soon! There are only 19 people registered and the
 Task Force is nervous they may have to cancel it.
-We are looking to set up a training for Sept and Oct if anyone has any suggestions
 please let Jen know.
-Jen meet with Alex and Clifton from the Red Cross about the Nov joint shelter
 simulation, they are interested. Jen still has to talk to Sam(OEM) about it but is waiting
 for info from the Task Force.
-Rich is looking for volunteers to do tabling events at PetSmart in South Philly on Sats.
 Please contact him if you can help!
-Philly Unleashed is having their first happy hour networking event Thursday night.
 Michelle H and Michele K were going to attend and give out CART brochures.
-Thanks to ACCT for letting us have our meeting there and to Michelle H for setting it


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