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CART Point of Contact:

Melee Jameson

Training Coordinator:

Jerry Blank

CART Officers

Membership: Julie Chang ( )


EOC Liaison: Cheryl Houseal 

Cart Administrator: Lise Smith

SEPA RTF Liaison: Melee Jameson ( )

Red Cross Shelter Liaison: Ginny Kremmer ( )

Fire Chief/EMS Liaison: Cheryl Houseal ( )

Emergency Operations Chief:  Frank Dealy  (

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

2013 Meeting Schedule: 

All Meetings Held at: Bob Evans Restaurant, Oaks, PA - 2nd Tuesday monthly @ 7 pm

February 12,

March 12,April 9,May 14,June 11,July 9,August 13,September 10,October 8,
November 12,December 10

Next Meeting Date: February 12, 2013 @ 7 PM


Meeting Minutes:

Monthly Meeting                                                                 


Meeting date: Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Meeting location: Bob Evans, Oaks, PA

Attendees: Karen Douglass, Jeri Wagner, Cheryl Houseal, Melee Jameson, Frank Dealy, Marie McDonough, Linda Adkins, Joyce Mort


Cheryl read minutes and approved.  Welcome was extended to our guest Joyce Mort.



County Response Team Plan  – completed to Scott

Trailer maintenance – after the Pet Expo trailer will be taken to the EOC, Frank will Deliver Trailer #2 to the EOC.  Karen will contact Scott after it is delivered.

MOU’s – Helene is still suffering with Lyme Disease, Karen will contact her to see if she still wants to participate.


Karen attended the Montgomery County After Action Meeting on Hurricane Sandy on December 12, 2012.  Presentations were given by the utilities companies, and the county. No handouts provided. Good PR for our group, communication is the number one issue for all concerned.



Bob Evans will be hosting a fundraiser for MCART the entire weekend of the PetExpo. Iron Hill Brewery will be hosting a fundraiser for MCART on January 14, 2013. Please hand out flyers at the booth!



Funds on hand $1,363


Cheryl – Norristown shelter needs to be looked at where the shelter is located.  BCART had the same problem and worked it out have them set up outside the gym. 

Pottstown – location not as good as Irene a shelter, everyone had to walk through the pet shelter to reach the human shelter.

Cheltenham – was closed early due to loss of power – concerns that Cheltenham may not be a location in the future due to electrical issues.


Hurricane Sandy’s After Action meeting for SEPT/RTF on January 29th, Fire Academy at 6 pm.  Karen and Melee will be in attendance.  Melee will ask Jeri for her notes from our Lessons Learned Meeting.


February 19th there will be a Tabletop Exercise at Fire Academy from 6-8 pm.  This was well received at Chester County.


Some American Humane Society courses are still SEPT/RTF’s schedule on for 2013 tentatively, March to May timeframe, courses must be completed by July 31st.  Melee will let us know as they are firmed up.  Melee is working on advanced courses Ropes & Rigging, Swift Water training.  Field Ops drill is on hold, Melee will follow up in Spring. 


Melee will forward the invoices she received for equipment.  We will schedule Sunday, March 3, 2013 at noon.  Cheryl needs Trailer #2 for March 20, 2013.


Cheryl just received the Petco Foundation approval for Hurricane Sandy for food.  Karen will call and find out how long the grant is for and why the heading is Pa SART/Cambria CART (Merged) 20-2042482.


Melee – would like to create a checklist for shelter managers. She will involve Jessica in this process. This will be a great time to get time get our documentation in order.


Pet Expo – need to fill trailer with paperwork for Expo Wed night. Gwen & Frank will set up the trailer in the Expo Center.  Frank will haul both ways.


Lisa – will attend once a quarter.  Please email all event requests to her.

All requests must go through the event coordinator, she will determine which are viable and schedule accordingly across the county. Lisa would like to discuss marketing and handouts, event ideas.



Letterhead – Approved.

Jeri will send out as a template or document so we can utilize.


Information Flyer has been updated and will be utilized for Pet Expo.  Karen will print several hundred for use at Expo. Jeri will be put up a JPG on Facebook for the Information Flyer.  Jeri will have the PDF sent to the board.


Jeri receives Code Blue notifications and has been putting a cliff note version up on Facebook reminding people to keep their pets safe.


Mid-Dec Cheryl and Jeri attended an end of the year training at the EOC which discussed Hurricane Sandy, road closures and new policies.



Pennsylvania is going to the CERTS program in the future, it is a lengthy process and won’t happen quickly but it is coming.


Events & Meetings:

January 29, 2013 Hurricane Sandy After Action Meeting

 – Fire Academy   6pm

February 3, 2013 @ 12pm work day at Limerick Storage doing inventory (Moved to February 10th @ 12PM for Super Bowl)

            February 19, 2013 Tabletop Exercise

             – Fire Academy 6-8pm

            April 13, 2013 Bark for Life, Pottstown

            March 3, 2013 Inventory of MCART equipment

March 20, 2013 Monthly Emergency Management Meeting is by invitation only


New member requirements:

SARTS were started after hurricane Floyd in 1999. Visit for more information.

All new members need a background check. This can be done on-line at:

Applications form

Code of Conduct


Required Courses:

Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) IS-00100

Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS) IS-00700

Hazardous Materials Recognition & Identification IS-5.A


SART Orientation


The on-line courses are user friendly.

Required training courses can be done on-line at . To get information on how to take the ISP courses use the following link:


Once member has completed the initial required training additional courses can be paid for by SART. If additional courses are taken prior to competing required training the MCART member will be responsible for payment.

Email addresses for MCART: (goes to general mail box) (goes to Karen Douglass, Coordinator)



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