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The Erie County Animal Response Team is an active organization which welcomes new Team volunteers as well as Resource Volunteers.

Team volunteers may participate in many different areas that cover the entire spectrum from answering telephones during an activation to participating in incident response or shelter operations. There is a place for everyone! No special skills are required and we will train you for the area which you have an interest in.

Resource Volunteers are people who have special skills or training and who would be willing to assist us but who do not wish to become full Team members. This would include not only people such as veterinarians and exotic animal handlers, but also people more hands on skills such as carpentry, construction, health care experience, etc.....Resource Volunteers may also be people who have equipment and / or space they would be willing to offer, such as heavy equipment operators or farm owners with empty stables that could provide for the emergency sheltering of horses or other companion or production livestock. The training required for a Resource Volunteer is minimal, so if you have something to offer please contact Shar Emig.

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