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Denny Modzel  

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Bryan Loar



Meeting Minutes:

Clearfield CART Meeting Minutes March 22, 2017

The Clearfield County CART was called to order at 6:00 pm. by Executive Committee President, Bryan Loar. In attendance were members Andrea Loar, Debra Archer, Duane Archer, Holly Walker, Craig Walker, Denny Modzel, Susan Loffredi, and Ruth Loffredi.  Also in attendance Dan Spencer, Clearfield EMA.


The minutes from the last meeting, which had been January 25th, 2017were approved.


Secretary Report: Chris Rougeux was unable to attend. Debra Archer, acting Secretary relayed a request from Chris. Any emails or other information which should be sent to the membership at large should be forwarded to her. Chris does not receive emails from Joel Hersh, at PASART. He often sends out information on trainings which should be forwarded to all members.


Treasurer’s Report: Holly reported that we currently have $201.42 petty cash on hand. There have been no expenses or income. Deb Braid had turned in $500.00 that had been earmarked to send to PASART to be placed in our account to be used for a rescue glide. Debra Archer did send the funds in to be held at PASART.


Response Team Leader Report: Nothing to report.

Large Animal Committee: None.

Small Animal Committee: None

Public Outreach: None.

·            Unfinished or Old Business:

ü         Wiring on Porta-Corral still needs done. Denny will ask Matt Modzel to do.

ü         Inventory at Hazmat building still needs done.

ü         Everyone present has received their ID badges. There are still a few yet to distribute.


·            New Business:

ü         The following positions were appointed:

      * Response Team Leader- Denny Modzel

*Large Animal Committee Chair-Andrea Loar

*Small Animal Committee Chair- Tabled.

*Public Outreach- Tabled


ü  Our Call out procedure needs to be updated and EMA notified. Denny Modzel should be contacted first for team activation. Second in line will be Bryan Loar, then Duane Archer. They would like a copy of our current membership list with contact information. According to our Call out procedure, once the 9-1-1 Center deploys the CART by contacting the Response Team Leader, he or she determines the level of response and number of personal needed and decides on a meeting place. He or she is then to contact the Call-out Specialist. This frees him up to respond immediately to the scene. Debra motioned that the Call-out Specialist should simply be the Secretary since she already has the membership list, including everyone’s level of training. The motion carried and the Procedure will be updated.


ü  Andrea Loar offered to check into the price of a rescue glide, since we likely have enough funds to purchase.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.


Next meeting to be held on Next meeting is Thursday, June 22nd at 7:00 pm




Next meeting to be held on Thursday, June 22nd at 7:00 pm at County EMA Building, 911 Leonard St. Clearfield,  PA 16830

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